How I work

Pottery and Passion

I love what I do.  My 'day job' as an art teacher is rewarding, and I love teaching the next generation to appreciate things that are beautiful, provocative or interesting.  In my pottery I also find joy, as well as now and again frustration, but most of all passion.  I love research and view it as a form of treasure hunting. I love to form the clay, the movement of the wheel, the excitement to see how something comes out of the kiln and then of course the artistic finishing with glazing and decorating.
I use two different finishings in my pottery. For one I use a modern kiln and modern glazes.  The pottery that is made this way is definitely still passing for SCA events and several of them, are by sight alone also suitable for reenactors.  
Once or twice a year however, I do fire up a home built Roman style beehive kiln that we stoke up to the immense heat needed to create traditional pottery!  Considering the time it takes, those are never a solo event, but a time to come together with friends, tend the fire, and wait excitedly to see what has survived the test of fire! My roman amphoras are a great example, but not the only products that are made this way!

Last but not least: selling.   I am a fully independent, woman owned, registered business.  While my husband and daughters frequently help out when we 'set up shop' at events and sometimes with glazing, all of it comes from my heart!
You can now buy Claybaby online through this site! Contact me for any more information.