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I am so glad you're considering buying Claybaby!   While this site is a work in progress, I am offering three ways for you to get your order!

- A few select items will be here on top and can directly be purchased with paypal!  

- I will have a gallery with prices underneath, simply email me what you want and I will send a paypal invoice!  

Commissions are my welcome.  Do you see a mug you want, but you would love to see your heraldry on it?  We can make that happen!  Do you see a piece you love but you lost your heart to a different glaze? We can do that too.  Last but not least, we have done some amazing custom products for people, from small statuary to projects to specifications.  Look at the gallery for some examples!


Personalized Feast Gear


($0.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

These are commission pieces and will be made specifically for you.  Price for the set may vary depending on glaze and heraldry



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Drink from the skulls of your enemies but do keep it dishwasher safe!!  
These handformed skulls are one of our best sellers!  Each one is individually sculpted and glazed.  We currently have 4 in stock, so act quick!  

Pieces that are currently in STOCK

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