From Roman to Medieval

I am an active participant and regular vendor at SCA events, including Fools War, Pennsic, War of the Wings, Ymir and several smaller events.  
Within the Society I am known as Mistress Etain of Sutherland, a Laural in pottery. I've been part of the society for 20ish years.
It was and remains love.  I've brought up two children in the society, one of whom is now a talented bard and married to a talented dressmaker!!
My specialty is Roman Pottery, and one or two  times a year I do a traditional firing in a beehive kiln if possible.
Outside of that all my work is hand thrown and then finished in an electric  kiln.    

Within my work for the SCA, you can find not just historically accurate pieces that are suitable for reenactment but also pieces that 'pass'. Perhaps the color of that glaze was not found in period, or we do not have extant evidence for it.  Perhaps adding a crest to your goblet wasn't as much done as we can see it in the society, and perhaps you want to drink from the skull of your enemies (in a sanitary way), without actually killing people, so we have a skull for that!  

Don't forget I do custom work, so contact me about that if you want!

Accomplishments and Awards

Before joining the SCA and starting Claybaby Pottery, I began learning about clay during my BA in Studio Arts at USC.  I later went back to the university to get my Masters in Art Education, after starting my favorite creations of all time- my own two children! They literally cut their teeth on my pottery, and they were the inspiration for the shop's name.

Being part of the SCA means that cool people sometimes see what you are doing and think it's cool too. I received my Companion of the Pearl in 2006, based on my research and production of aquamaniles.  In 2011 I was awarded my Laurel based on my research and production of Roman pottery including the making of bricks to create the Roman style beehive kiln that I continue to fire and experiment with for firing.